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The Skies I'm Under

Rachel Wright

For a long-time life was going to plan. Rachel married her childhood sweetheart, became a nurse, travelled and worked around the world before becoming pregnant. Then life changed in an instant on the day her eldest son was born with complex disabilities and life-limiting epilepsy.

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The Ketogenic Kitchen

Domini Kemp and Patricia Daly

This book contains exciting nutritional developments, which reveal that a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat, in conjunction with the treatment recommended by medical professionals, offers new hope in the support of and protection against many chronic illnesses.

I am in awe of these women who remain very much ordinary about their extraordinariness. --Catherine Cleary, The Irish Times

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Sitting still like a frog - Mindfulness exercises for kids (and their parents)

Eline Snel

Simple mindfulness practices to help your child (ages 5-12) deal with anxiety, improve concentration, and handle difficult emotions.

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Low Carb Living for Families

Monique Le Roux Forslund

This is a wonderful book packed full of yummy recipes to inspire you.

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Just Because

Rebecca Elliot

Rebecca Elliot's heart-warming picture book is highly recommended for its touching and sensitive approach to introducing the issue of disability to young children through a charming celebration of sibling friendship.

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Epilepsy - the Essential Guide

Louise Bolotin

'Anybody suffering from epilepsy, their parents, friends and employers will much appreciate this handy, clearly written book. This guide provides practical proactive advice to aid you in the vital decisions that people suffering from epilepsy and their carers will need to make over treatments, careers, work, studying, family, leisure and benefits...10 out of 10.'

- Nicholas Newman, Oxfordprospect.co.uk

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Epilepsy: A Practical Guide to Orthodox and Complementary Treatment (Natural Way)

Fiona Marshall

Epilepsy is surprisingly common and affects an enormous number of people, often with extremely debilitating effects on their lifestyle and health. There has been growing evidence that complementary and alternative treatments can play an important part in improving the quality of life for many sufferers. This guide explains the nature of the conventional, complementary and alternative treatments available and includes up-to-date information on the role natural remedies can play in improving or even curbing epilepsy when taken with any existing drug treatment.

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Your Child's Epilepsy (Your Child's Health)

Appleton (Author), Brian Chappell (Author), Margaret Beirne (Author)

'I enjoyed reading this book and I think it fulfils a very useful purpose. It gets down to the 'nitty-gritty' of atopic eczema management and addresses the questions that are most frequently asked in a clinic setting. If only there were time to answer them. The book is well written and authoritative.'

- Dr Mary Judge, Consultant Dermatologist, Royal Bolton Hospital

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Seizures and Epilepsy in Childhood: A Guide for Parents

Professor John M. Freeman MD (Author), Dr. Eileen P. G. Vining MD (Author), Professor Diana J. Pillas (Author)

'I have wanted a book like this for a long time. To my knowledge, this is the first book combining complete scientific accuracy with a caregiver's compassion and understanding.'

- James A. Autry, former chairman of the board, Epilepsy Foundation of America

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The Ketogenic Diet: A Treatment for Children and Others with Epilepsy

John M. Freeman (Author), MD (Author), Eric Kossoff (Author), Jennifer B. Freeman (Author), Millicent T. Kelly (Author), RD (Author), LD (Author)

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Treating Epilepsy Naturally: A Guide to Alternative and Adjunct Therapies

Patricia A. Murphy

This book provides hard-to-find information on epilepsy, presented by an author living successfully with the condition. Drugs commonly used to treat epilepsy have some extremely harmful side effects. "Treating Epilepsy Naturally" is an empathetic, practical, empowering look at treatment options, lifestyle choices, and ways of living well. Written by an author who has been successfully living with it herself for most of her adult life, this comprehensive guide offers alternative treatments to replace and to complement traditional therapies and sound advice to find the right health practitioner for you.

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The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying: A Spiritual Classic from One of the Foremost Interpreters of Tibetan Buddhism to the West

Sogyal Rinpoche

'Valuable and profound'
- Yoga and Health

'If you believe books can change lives, earmark this one'
- Metro

'One of the most helpful books I have ever read'
- John Cleese

'Marvellous - like all the great teachings, it is both simple and complex, and full of love and compassion'
- Joanna Lumley

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Remembering My Brother

Ginny Perkins (Author), Leon Morris (Photographer)

In 1993, Chris Reed died. The author of this book has worked with his family to put this book together which aims to show the importance of talking about grief and loss and remembering with love someone important who has died. It relates ordinary family events alongside an account of the family's visit to Chris's grave. The book is suitable for use in Personal and Social Education classes with Key Stage 2 children.

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The Music Room

William Fiennes

'One of the finest stylists of his generation and a former Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year.'
- Andrew Holgate, The Sunday Times

'Brilliant meld of memoir, family history and the sense of what it means to truly care for ourselves, other people and places.'
- Metro

'It is a small gem about those important ties that bind.'
- Daily Express

'He writes in an unadorned, simple way and yet still manages to be lyrical. Fiennes really is a talented writer'
- Sophie Dahl in The Times

'William Fiennes's memoir of growing up in a rambling old castle. This unusual home and upbringing are evoked with great beauty and poignancy, in ravishing prose, but the book has another, strangely hypnotic effect, enfolding the reader in memories of a child's view of the world that seems universal.'
- Geoff Dyer, Books of the Year, Observer

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Michael Rosen's Sad Book

Michael Rosen

Beautifully judged, a book of honest grace.

- The Observer

This is certainly a book that makes you sad, but its honesty is surprisingly uplifting.

- The Sunday Times

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Sad Isn't Bad: A Good-grief Guidebook for Kids Dealing with Loss

Michaelene Mundy

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Learning to Live Again: A Practical Spiritual Guide to Coping: A Practical Spiritual Guide to Coping with Bereavement

Rita Rogers

'touchingly honest... what convinces is less her conviction than her overwhelming normality.'

- Sarah Hughes in Manchester Evening News, April 2003

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